The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy (Album Review)

I don't mind stating the obvious. I'm pretty damn late on reviewing this project. What's important is that I am here now and ready to tackle a Weeknd project that seemed to be loved by all my peers. Anyways, The Weeknd returned to the scene back in late March with his six-track EP "My Dear Melancholy." When … Continue reading The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy (Album Review)

Nav “NAV” Album Review

Tracklist: 1. Myself 2. Nav 3. My Mind 4. Good For It 5. Lonely 6. Up 7. Interlude 8. Sleep 9. Mariah 10. Some Way feat. The Weeknd 11. TTD Favorite Songs: Myself, Nav, My Mind, Good For It, Some Way and TTD So I have been raving about Nav after discovering him through a friend’s Snapchat story last year. Since then, i have told everyone that … Continue reading Nav “NAV” Album Review