#SongOfTheDay for 8/4/2018 – 8/31/2018

I've been super busy and just flat out either forgot to post the #SOTD or just too tired too. Here were the songs selected for the past six days! No write ups were done but songs were picked out. all the songs selected are new tracks! I want to to do a whole segment for … Continue reading #SongOfTheDay for 8/4/2018 – 8/31/2018

Travis Scott – Astroworld (Album Review)

So what have y'all anticipated more the actual drop for 'Astroworld' or for me to actually drop the review? Don't answer that I know its probably both! The wait is over. Travis Scott's 'Astroworld' has been one of 2018's most anticipated drops. Its been two and a half weeks since its long waited arrival and … Continue reading Travis Scott – Astroworld (Album Review)


https://soundcloud.com/juicyjmp3/butterfly-effect-juicy-j-remix https://soundcloud.com/juicyjmp3/a-man-juicy-j-remix   So these Juicy J remixes are dope. His energy and explosiveness of the lyrics obviously show he was having fun on his homie Travis Scott's tracks. "A Man" was pretty short but still was dope. Nothing TOO CRAZY. As for "Butterfly Efffect," I thought that was FIRE!! The beat suited Juicy real … Continue reading NEW MUSIC ALERT: JUICY J REMIXES TRAVIS SCOTT’S “A MAN” & “BUTTERFLY EFFECT”

Drake “More Life” Album Review

So I am pretty late with this review but its better now than never. Drake gives us "More Life" with "More Life." I say this because Drake really gave us a 22 track project! Personally I liked the projects length, but due to its length some assumed it'd be another "Views" and it'd be split … Continue reading Drake “More Life” Album Review

Song Of The Day 5/17/2017

So everyday i'll be higlightening a song of the day. It'll either be new music or a song picked at random every morning. I may even higlight some hidden gem tracks that people are not too familiar with! I just wanted to try something new. Let me know what you guys think. Anyways, on Monday … Continue reading Song Of The Day 5/17/2017