YG – Stay Dangerous (Album Review)

Last week, YG’s highly anticipated third studio album, 'Stay Dangerous,' was released! After week one the numbers are in.... 'Stay Dangerous' did 55.5K first week! Is this good? I'm not sure but he met his projected amount! I am very surprised the projection numbers weren't larger. 'Stay Dangerous,' the follow up 2016’s 'Still Brazy,' is … Continue reading YG – Stay Dangerous (Album Review)

New Music Alert: January’s Junk & Jewels (Part 1)

Like I mentioned on Instagram and Twitter, I will be posting all the new music that I didn't get a chance to review from January and February!  I will be posting tracks so they can be available for streaming followed by my rating for each song. (Do Not Worry I Have Other Post To Release.... … Continue reading New Music Alert: January’s Junk & Jewels (Part 1)